The won round one, but now we are back

The bastards shut me down, hacked my system, pulled off one round, but that was just one. They clearly were pissed for me calling them out about fracking, but really I do have to admit, they were right. There really were millions to be made in fracking in Wyoming, Colorado, and
Utah. And North Dakota, and Montana, and Pennsylvania, and New York, and Ohio, and soon, everyone will get to taste what they put in the water. I was niave back then, thinking that no one would ever let them use their poisonous ways, that the EPA would put a stop to this non-sense, that even if was pushed through under Bush that the next president would take care of this craziness once and for all, but I was niave and they hacked my system, and shut me down, right as I was starting to get my following... But it turned out to be alright. I had a child and then another, and my devotion to the cause, while never diminishing, became less vocal. They hacked me and shut me down, all the while thinking that I was against them because I did not believe the oil was there, but thats not it. I am against them because they are sociopaths who are so wrapped up in their pursuit for enigmatic wealth that they do not see the harm they are commiting not only to the millions now living, but to the millions to come, who have not yet inherited this earth. They are contaminating the very thing most essential to our lives, our water, and for this I will still call them out. They are either ignorant, like the many who lay their pipes, and transfer their toxins, or they do not care, in which case they are sociopaths.


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