Government of, for, and by...

A lot of people have been saying it for years. But now perhaps here is a chance for a few more people to take note... the government really is getting a little ridiculous with the power it keeps granting itself. In the name of "protecting us" it takes more and more basic liberties away. Life is worth some of the risk we might share were we to take back some of the things this government was never intended to take away. This closing of the parks thing is out of hand. Sure, close the guided tours. Put up the signs that warn people that they are entering on their own risk. There is no government employee to tranquilize that grizzly in the night, but for god's sake, let us risk the bear. Let us drive the road. People getting arrested for taking pictures and running on a paved road are just insane stories that are happening. Really happening. In the U.S. This is Chinese type of bull shit. North Korea. Kuwait. Tajikistan. But not the U.S. Of course this is only one small arena in the great movement to suppress freedom in the U.S. I am not even a conspiracist, but it is getting really obvious now that a lot of various government agencies are all vying for various powers over constituents they have no connection to. They are not even truly constituents, because unlike political systems of voting to gain their power, these are just people working the day job at the tax payer dollar. But they have no connection to those that are paying their wage. Civil Service is a thing of the past. A civil servant that dare point out the weakness or abuse of the system is silenced quickly. Edward Snowden. Manning. Obama has completely and relentlessly pursued whistleblowers and undermined any rights that were formally granted to whistleblowers. And Obama has been on par with his conservative predecessor in this regard, if not in fact having been more aggressive than former administrations. It has gotten ugly. We don't like it. We shouldn't like it. It is our country as much as theirs. We really ought to bring it up throughout and across our society so we can get it changed to a better direction while it can still be done peacefully.


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